Apex Swiss Security is a security company based in Geneva, Switzerland and founded in 2018

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Our values


We specialize in a wide range of security services: security intervention, surveillance, bodyguard, security guard, drone and more. Our employees provide bespoke services and the utmost quality, on a daily basis, to ensure your safety.

Our agents embody diversity and reflect the international spirit of multicultural Geneva. We provide services in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Arabic, and more. Due to the aforementioned, Apex Swiss Security inspires the confidence of international organizations like NGOs and private corporations, alike.

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We are reactive and invest the necessary resources to answer questions, reassure and safely accompany you throughout your next steps.


Our security agency values demonstrating consideration towards our clients and collaborators. We actively listen and provide targeted solutions to meet your needs.


We are located in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland and operate throughout Switzerland. We believe proximity to clients is an essential element for service providers. Our security agency is also in tune with today’s society and its booming diversity, which allows us to seamlessly resolve conflicts and provide bespoke professional solutions for a wide range of security needs.